• Breast augmentation of Dr Rodolfo López
Augmentation mammoplasty is a procedure to enlarge or change the shape of the breasts.

General anesthesia is used in all procedures; that is, the patients will be asleep and without feeling pain. There are different ways to place or remove breast implants: a cut is made in the lower part of the breast, in the natural skin fold, there the scar can be a little more visible depending on the case. Another way is to make a cut around the edge of the areola – the darkened area around the nipple – but using this method there may be loss of sensation around the nipple.

After the procedure, a bulky gauze dressing will be wrapped around the breasts and chest or a surgical bra could be used. Drainage tubes can be left in the breasts, which will be removed after three days. After the procedure, you will return home when the anesthesia wears off and you can walk, drink water and arrive safely to the bathroom. Mama massage is recommended starting 5 days after surgery. The massages help to reduce the hardening of the capsule that surrounds the implant.

The risks of surgery in general are: Reactions to medications, respiratory problems, bleeding, infection, loss of sensation in the nipple area, small scars, usually in an area where you do not see much. It is normal for the body to create a “capsule” made of scar tissue around the implant, which helps keep it in place. Sometimes, it gets thicker and bigger. This can cause a change in the shape of the breast, hardening of the breast tissue or a little pain. The emotional risks of surgery may include feeling that your breasts do not look perfect or you may be disappointed with the reactions of people in front of their “new” breasts

Yes, it can cause mild pain, especially in the first two weeks. It is recommended to keep your arms still.

It depends on the medical evaluation, made before the procedure

There is no evidence that implants influence pregnancy or their ability to breastfeed, since the mammary gland is not affected. The woman with prosthesis can get pregnant and breastfeed her child.