About Dr Rodolfo López

Graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medicina in 2001, he specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Rio de Janeiro. Belongs to the Colombian Academy of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery. He has performed more than 6000 aesthetic procedures, all with excellent results and fully satisfied patients

Medical equipment The medical team that accompanies me is made up of qualified professionals, both in their academic training and in their human aspect. We provide a quality service, always thinking about the safety of our patients.

_Medic and Surgeon of the Pontificia Bolivariana University of Medellín – Colombia, 2001. _Specialization in Hospital Management from Eafit University, Medellín – Colombia, 2006. _ Specialist in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Veiga de Almeida University- Brazil, 2.014 _Diploma of burns Management of critical patients, Juan N Corpas University, Bogotá -Colombia. 2012 _Course of medicine and plastic surgery and Aesthetics, University UNAR de Araras – Brazil, 2011. _ Colombian-Brazilian Congress of Aesthetic Medicine September 4 to 6 of 2008 ACICME. _ International Congress of cosmetic surgery, Colombian Society of Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, November 2008, Cartagena – Colombia. _ Academic updates: IX Medical Knowledge Update Course, Medellín, 2002, VII UPB Internal Medicine Resident Symposium, Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine, Medellín, 2001.

Monograph pancreatic endocrine tumors. Rio Janeiro 2013 Manual lymphatic drainage monograph after augmentation mammoplasty. Rio Janeiro 2013 10-year Total Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Medellin Clinic. February to November 1999.

SPECIALIST PLASTIC SURGERY, Reconstructive and Aesthetic. At present. MEDICAL AND SURGEON AESTHETIC, independent professional 2006 – 2014. SCIENTIFIC SUBGERENTE, ESE Marco Fidel Suarez Hospital. Municipality of Bello, August 2006 -June 2008. MEDICAL, IPS HEALTHCOOP Corporation, Beach Health Café. Medellín, September 2003 – August 2006. MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, Preventive Medical Foundation. Medellín, 2004 -2005. MEDICAL COORDINATOR, ESE San Roque Hospital. Municipality of San Roque, June 2002 – October 2003. MEDICAL, ESE Hospital San Juan de Dios. Municipality of Marinilla, 2002. MEDICAL, ESE Hospital of Caramanta. Municipality of Caramanta, 2002