• Abdominal etchin of Dr Rodolfo López
This surgery removes excess fat to improve body appearance and polish irregular body contours.

The abdominal marking is the construction or reconstruction of the reliefs of a developed musculature, as its name indicates, in the abdominal area. It could also be described as a liposuction directed to this area. What he is looking for is not to produce an increase in the reliefs, but rather depression in the grooves that delimit them. It is modeled then removing the fat so that the collapse of the area occurs. This procedure then requires that there is a certain amount of fat to remove, therefore, very thin or very fat people are not good candidates for this procedure. It is very important that the skin remains elastic, because if it has stretch marks or a lot of flaccidity, it is not possible to achieve the expected result either.

Like a Liposuction, it is based on the technique of aspiration through a cannula introduced into the fatty tissue that extracts the localized fat. For the demarcation of the abdominal muscles, small incisions are made in the skin, barely a few millimeters, taking advantage of natural folds as much as possible.

After this procedure total rest should be avoided, as this predisposes to the formation of clots. The girdle should be worn for a month, which should be removed to bathe. You should also avoid activities that demand physical effort during the first week. It is essential to take your medications according to the prescription and attend promptly to your postoperative controls with the surgeon. Post-operative massage sessions will be required.

It is a good candidate if you have: Accumulation of fat in the abdomen, firm and elastic skin, normal weight or moderate overweight but not obesity; and little or no definition of the abdominal muscles.

After the procedure you will have a burning sensation and you will have inflammation in the intervened areas, which will be treated with medications. During the first 24 hours it is recommended to walk as soon as possible. It is normal for the first days to eliminate liquid from the incision areas, which will help a good result.

The result becomes visible approximately three or four weeks after performing the procedure. The eliminated fat will not reappear, but you must acquire good eating habits, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.